Wednesday, 10 December 2014

fitness, the man in u, how fit are u?

u are the power and strength, and u are a man, a real man. but when the power of being a man is taken a way from u, then u become weak, useless and irresponsible, u can no longer make decisions, ur fitness level becomes questionable, the man in u and how fit are u, are the basic principles of knowing ur true stage of fitness. u may be strong in the outside because u look that way, but in side of u, u are a weak man without strength easily beaten, cheated and push to the world. u may not be so strong physically, but let ur thinking faculty become so strong, and ur brain be the most powerful weapons, with that u are a fit man and no one can take that away from u.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

body talk, is ur body worth #100 thousand? and within one week?

Hello folks, we all know how much men can spend trying to look their best, no matter how small the incomes may be. U've spent so much money going to the gym trying hard to look ur best, but how much is ur body worth? If u are not looking the way u wanted within few months of spending money going to they gym, then maybe u are not in the gym to get ur body build or reshape. One thing is that, going to the gym is not all about carring weight or to lose weight, but to keep fit too, on my next body talk I will bring out two great ways on how to get the worthy body within a month. So stay fit folks