Saturday, 10 September 2016

YDA presents: cuteness is a gay word, because gays are cute

When we went to see cute men on the internet, the destination is LGBT community, and blogs and profiles own by gay bloggers themselves, over the years, homosexuals men and women had coloured the world with beautiful constructive ideas, in fashion, beauty and many more Productive fields, gay men, black men are created cute, and the cuteness of them all, made them the best targets in the world of fashion and entertainment, gay men are the ones Beautifying straight women and straight men without them knowing it, the cuteness of gay men are most times questionable, gay men fashion have been stolen by straight communities world over and the concept of freedom was not given. But today, gay world is gaining weights to withstand all threads, from homophobics world

Breaking news, the Nigerian LGBT community are secretly warning gays and lesbians in Nigeria to be mindful of straight men in this economic recession

The economic recession in Nigeria is really sore, to survive u must be extremely hard working and with a sense of responsibility. But not sure with some other folks, gays are known to have worked with their brains, and with that, they don't feel much of economics recession or much of the individual hardship. The following information about straight men in Nigeria acting as gays targeted LGBT community has been checked and discovered by Lagos state spy glass, a secret gay monitoring group, lead by Emeka Charles. a Nigerian advocacy group in defense of young gay business men from blackmailers and criminals hiding behind the anti gay law. The high rate of crimes against homosexuals in Africa and the present Nigeria had made the group to issued a warning to gay and lesbians specifically those in Lagos and Abuja, that straight men are now posing as gays to lure innocents gay citizens into their traps, the group warned that all gay men in the country should be mindful of the individuals they come in contact with, to avoid being blackmail or being manipulate, the group had warned

Thursday, 8 September 2016

YDA presents: the man in the mirror, u have to change ur ways

Mirror, Mirror, I'm I the same man standing by ur side? Now, I am in front of u Mirror, now tell me, I'm I the most handsome man in town?  If Mirror could talk, then the answers to these questions will be no, not really, but u are still available handsome man in town, over the years, thousands of gay and straight men had involved in a world of emotional turmoil just because they felt their genitals are dame too small and not even a medium sized away, genitals size are nothing, but  a weapon that can lead u to a self destruction. Just because of genital pride, so the man in the mirror u better chance ur ways, love urself, just the way u are.

Is ur gay life wasted?? U must have been in Africa, never mind, just take a look at the picture below, very shameful with such humiliation

The wicked way, African leaders want to see how gays have sex, before they set them free, is to watch them do it, Uganda, Kenyian and Tanzania government just enjoyed watching two young gay boys having anal sex right in front of their own eyes

YDA presents: dude u got it, brought to u by 212 SEXY men, a home and outdoors, just a little bit of luxury, a fresh start with the sweetness of being a man

Discover The bottom and top of awesome Muscle from 212 SEXY MEN, the new rules of sex appeal, mastering the secrets of sexy men

The most important part of a good dude is the way he smell, men fragrance and wardrobes are perfect example, gay men don't joke with their bodies, as well as with their fashion, dressing up great, is a gay man's physical identity 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

YDA presents: bare with pride, freedom started in the private of ur own living room

Hey!  does ur neighbours know u are gay? Because gay freedom started behind ur own walls, still on nudity week, post are sponsored

YDA presents: Wednesday blues, handsome gay faces

Maybe I'm seeing great looking faces, with masculine smiles, gay men are created with such a charming facial expressions

Tuesday, 6 September 2016