Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LIFESTYLE. Peter Okoye's of p-square racy picture and the love of the dick.

The Peter Okoye's of psquare racy picture in a trancy boxer with an erected penis tells it own story, The enduring popularity of Nigerian entertainers and their high rate of bisexuality still live in secracy, thinking no one can see it through their actions.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

MEN'S FITNESS. Two simple steps of press up, for a perfect masculine looks, the image below will probably put u through it.

Bad news: as soon as u hit ur mid-twenties, ur body metabolism puts the bresk. Now. Time to losen up by following  exercise seen in the pictures above. Just start by 3 set of ten counts and two reps.

LIFE STYLE. Splash out without being naked, men's dick is a work of art.

Wet, wet and wild. Water is fun as much as it splashes, pool attitude is going half nude, all eyes always on the look out for a bigger bulge, or guys with unexpected erection.  Compulsively checking, but how can we keep our swim wears from pulling down unexpectedly? The answer is simple, a swim trunk with a solid waist line rope, boxers and other swim shorts must come  with a complete  waistbands and slide ropes. So guys be free to express urself and splash on.