Saturday, 5 November 2016

YDA presents: they are just so cute to be gay

Cuteness is all about gayness, homosexual expression is known to be the most beautiful thing in the world, and gay men are beautifully created

Friday, 4 November 2016

YDA presents: sin city, Lagos luxury night life

 Night life for gays in Lagos Nigeria is a big problem, because homosexuality in Nigeria is a crime, and punishable by law of the land. But to come in to reality, homosexuals can't be identified unless u have a fascinating encounter with any of them, every night club in Nigeria has a fair share of gay dudes who are interested in mingling with the other types of guys,  that best kept secrets. Homosexuality is a ticket for the back door in night clubs, run by gays and straight Mafias who are interested in ur money.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

YDA presents: gay youths are beautiful

Hello! It just doesn't seems right to label gay youths, but we all knew if there's anything else, gay youths are the most beautiful thing on earth

YDA presents gay boys are angels

Gay boys are angels, the handsomeness and forbidden nature of sexiness, the angle men from heaven above, for the love of  God, homosexuals gain entry into the heart of God, they were called by their names, forgiven and accepted by the God of the universe, gay vision was first released when God seen the reality of his creation, the angles men then create the vision out of the colours of the rainbow, for the beauty of same sex, God gave them up for their own satisfaction and desire, for the judgments was lifted up and replaced by colours, compassion, forgiveness and love

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

YDA presents: a war between male Cross dressers in Nigeria

Homosexuality is now with a new faces, male celebrities from no where become the vital asset to the Nigerian public, slowly they're gaining weight, and are gaining more ground. But there's a new thread in which superiority complex is waging war against themselves, as lesbians videos and scandals trending on social media, Nigeria is invaded by homosexuals Mafias, gays are staging a larger version of homosexual fashion show, called Lagos fashion week, the gay mainstream media which powered by entertainers and bisexuals bloggers are pushing gay agenda to the public. The gay bill and the law governing it, is under a threat, the Nigerian government is setting up a blind eye. But  the law enforcement and corrupts policemen are  intimidating the victims if caught unaware. Nigerians are now  used to gay and lesbians stories on blogs on a daily basis, as gay friendly bloggers who now pushed the homophobics behind the cupboard leaving the haters without strength.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Nigerian gay bill and the law governing is dead definitely

 The Nigerian president, Muhammed Buhari, president Buhari do not play politics with sexual orientation and the people he governing, but on homosexuality, he never even mention it since he resume office as a president of the federal of Nigeria.

The majority of the closeted homosexuals in Nigeria do play straight games, either they are married or hangout with women all day long, the deceptive tendency of homosexuals in Nigeria is killing the anti gay bill, as the government of APC and PDP are now battling with the regrettable mistakes both government made two years ago, by signing a law baning same sex marriage and other laws making homosexuality a crime in Nigeria.  This law is no longer in the hand of the government, but in the mindset of those who uses religious beliefs and family values to express hatred for LGBT community in Nigeria, but the battle had been won, but not by those who used religious and cultural heritage, but by those with open minded, who sees less in sexual orientation, who don't believe in discrimination, they are in the future media, the new media spirit, the new Nigerian mainstream media who believes in equality, they are pushing homosexuality and cross dressing to the open, as male celebrities who are gays and cross dressers are now available new trend in Nigeria. The anti gay bill is dead, killed by the entertainment industry and the mainstream media.

Monday, 31 October 2016

YDA presents: Cush

Cush, Cush, deepest sexiness, masculinity and power, perfect selection of men to brighten ur day

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Save a life, hug a Chelsea fan

Yah folks! Save a life, hug a Chelsea fan and prevents suicide, perfectly balanced, emotions and feelings, tears and  defeat. There's nothing like football game