Saturday, 13 August 2016

Oops, loops, oh I forgot is beautiful no matter what they say, u are handsome, no longer what u say.

Hey guys, this dude got u for sure

Before u leave, take a kiss my friend. Let talk about this for a moment, the reality such as this seems to have a great impact on gay men who don't really worry about their Relationship at all.

YDA presents: Rio Olympics, male athletes bulge, see more of beautiful sexy images of male athletes in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

There's nothing as masculine as the sight of a running man, sexy male athletes with huge bulge, captured in on going 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil

Friday, 12 August 2016

Today Friday the 12th, is an international youths day, gay youths all around the world celebrate youth day with friends parting


We are the young ones never let this feeling go.................... hello happy youths day folks 

Hello, straight dudes, viewing gay contents I have a question for u

Men always attract to female shape, but in reality, straight men rather fixed their eyes on the guy below

Hello folks to come to reality, men body are more likely to be sexy and hot in the eye of those men who claims that the sight of a man's body is a turned off to them, in some cases, I've seen straight guys come to this blog with a regular request via email requesting naked images of both black and white males. Now to all the straight dudes viewing my blog I have one question for u, Why is it possible to have a passion for same sex contents, but yet u still stand out to condemn gay men, no, no problem, without u guys this blog wouldn't stay up to date, thanks for that, but let us all be honest, because being straight or gay is not something u act, but is what u are, no matter how hard u tried to hide ur true self, one day u will get out of the closest

Thursday, 11 August 2016

YDA presents: when love is stronger

There's no ordinary love than the one u share with the person u spend the rest of ur life with, gay men love can not be question, and it can not be seen as a love that base on hit and run, because same sex affection is the most beautiful thing on earth.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

YDA presents: kill the gay bill, Nigeria gays and lesbians takes over freedom of expression on Internet

 Gay life matters, just like any other lives, gay, lesbian love was swallowed in victory during the last administration of president Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, Nigerians payed an ignorant price with an empty eyes, blinded by the political power that cage other citizens who are differently in nature, they say homosexuality is a sin, unafrican, and a taboo, but had God said so, yes the Bible is God's word, but it becomes a book homophobics use to defend their hatred for something they do not know it origin, which is a mystery
Without the full knowledge why gays and lesbians where created, and the reason they choose to love the person of their own sex. Nigerians used their religious beliefs wrongly assumed that everything they see is really not right if is not based on what the Bible says, but the problem is Nigerians don't really base their religious beliefs in the Bible but on culture and self made righteousness with wickedness that came with lack of citizens right, together they all make up a bill that says killing the gays is justified, but gay community themselves are moving head towards global media sending warning signs that the Nigerian anti gay bill must be kill, the Nigerian government issued a statement few months ago supported with reference to gay bloggers and their freedomm on internet, the Nigerian government grant this rights to all citizens to be free to express themselves through the process of free speech, which the bill was signed into law by the Nigerian Senate, gay agenda is attached under ground through the process of information technology and gay Nigerians are talking the advantage to kill the enemy which is the anti gay bill

YDA presents: this big thing in-between my legs

Dudes, this thing in-between our legs is so big, men with big dongs are full of pride, but do size range really matter?

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

YDA presents: from a distance u actually prefer him than her

Not really sure, straight men are so unpredictable, but sometimes the fire within the passion that came with masculine love and emotions can result in a very passionate encounter.

Please don't forget me, for u are the only one I've got

Feelings and emotions are the vital attractions within us , please don't forget me I pray , this message is for those with dishonest partners