Monday, 9 May 2016

Raw feelings

Got the feeling, feel like a dude, raw feelings, passion and enthusiasm.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Night breeze and the passion of men

Manny men,  they go against the rules, where other men trade, they traded with passion where the breeze find it end, men are created equal, some are gay and some are straight.

Niggar hold on, straight guys don't look that way.

Gay dudes are more straight this days, as Chris Brown tried to explain why it so much difficult to differentiate between a straight dude and a gay guy. Just wait a minute, is Chris Brown trying to tell us about his behavior which we all knew that hiding behind the scenes and playing a lover boy with so much females around, no, Chris Brown is hiding something, can someone please explain why Chris is pointing a hand  towards that direction, maybe he's just wanted us to know that gay thugs are now available in straight skin.

YDA presents: Sunday kisses

There's nothing as beautiful as seeing two men kiss, male love as presented here