Saturday, 8 October 2016

YDA presents: deeply, deeply this is Love

In moment like this, as well as the passion, passionately about men who love men and the beauty in it, but jet is forbidden to the eyes of those who hate them, but this is Love that hurts no one, because love is love


Hello folks, the world is changing gradually, including homophobics, with this new version of gay men-straight men brotherly friendship, known as BROMOSEXUAL, which means brotherly love that got nothing to do with gay sex or straight sex, a pure love that happens between two people of the same sex, this is quite different from Bromance which leads to sexual intimacy. This new trend may become a thread to some extent. Because those who are 100% haters of gay community may feel that straight men are becoming bisexuals. Through the rise of BROMOSEXUAL

Friday, 7 October 2016

YDA presents: gay men are well loaded, Boys with big dongs

Body talk, big dongs and cute dudes, for the eyes only

Nigerian male musicians, gay abroad and straight at home

Thug life and homosexuality is a one way ticket to stardom, the situation is dame too hot, when it comes to deceptions Nigerian music stars displayed on social media, hey, get married or have a baby mama and no one would suggest u are gay, case closed permanently, but a new finding had been detected, mentioned by Jason Scott, an international sexual orientation and mobility watch dogs which operates under ground, and mostly in secrets, the entertainers from Western Africa, and mostly Nigerians, are fooling themselves and the Nigerian entertainment watch dogs are blinded by fear of being harassed or cut off the financial benefits they got from the artistes. Just recently PATORANKING was quoted by saying he masturbate with soap if he ever feel like having sex, but he forgot to mention the masturbation involvement he indulged with some dudes in a single close door apartment during his world tour abroad, saying that on his twetter handle, by not fooling around. It never a new trend anyone, but secretly, African musicians are involving in some homosexuals activities when on world tours business, but in their home countries they are seen as heterosexuals, not even bisexuals, and even if there's an available evidence, still no one would believe and thinking u are the haters or the enemy

YDA presents: sexy Friday

Perfect weekend, Sexy weekend, feel free, the freedom is urs take it

Thursday, 6 October 2016

YDA presents: bed mate overload

My bed, my dreams, and to the one I love, a man of my own sex, and is bed mate overload