Friday, 24 February 2017

Pink candy crush, weekend blues

Sexy and hot, very much inviting. Pure visibility of sexiness, this is weekend blues

YDA presents: weekend cuteness overload

Hello folks, hope u enjoyed weekend cuteness overload, perfectly selected images for ur viewing pleasure.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Hyper, the black tiger

Extremely powerful, sexy enough to transfer love to the eyes of homophobics, sexiness and masculinity is the one way ticket, call him hyper black

Pull it down, it a swag

Cracked and regards, perfect finish, big deal with it

YDA presents: exotic male dancers and the sexual secrecy

Dancing ur own way out of poverty, is one way ticket to freedom. A male dancers are mostly hunted by women without them knowing that half of the dancers are gay, it can be so disappointing and frustrating to most women to see very handsome men trying so hard to hide their homosexuality and at the same time falling in love with a woman, male stripers are mostly gays and lesbians living in a deceptive subject of masculinity and femininity. But in reality they are attached to their own sexual identity without explanation

YDA presents: self style

Yah folks, this is all white Thursday, I thought I should check out the self style multiple choice

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Oops! Why so much clicks, but a few comments

Yah folks, the question is too simplified, why so much clicks but few comments, hmmmm, electric eyes every where, monitoring ur every moves, anyone visiting my blog will notice that not many comments seen on blog post, but to be candid to everyone, yoududeactive remains the most visited gay friendly blog ever came out of Nigeria, with sponsorship based, upon that yoududeactive remains a blog for both gay and straight men alike,  so sorry to say this, nobody can comment on youdude without permission, and without a valid profile clarification from Google or any other platform, u can not leave a comment with an anonymous profiles, because yoududeactive blog is not a place for hate speeches and bad comments. Secondly not everyone love to comment on a blog with a gay contents, specially people who are in the closet and from mostly African countries, but my click counter been doing a great job in recording visitors locations, and Nigeria has been the highest visitors in Western Africa

They all like this, sure, dudes got test

The question is, some countries claims to hate homosexuality so much, but in reality they all like this, sure, dudes got test, mode switch can be deceiving as African market for music is opening a door way to a new style of homosexuality, gay boys and straight girls, as much as gay girls and straight boys, gay sex appeal among African entertainment industry is breaking the law office of haters, as the original images of entertainers pushes the boundaries of hate speeches back to the closet, but there's a limit to this, because homosexuality is a great crime in some parts of Africa and presently, Nigeria is trying so hard to cut the law down by coming out with a new faces of gay boys wearing a dress code meant for women, known as cross dressers. Gay porn videos and photos are attached to those who claims homosexuality is against nature, but failed to differentiate the difference between gay images and straight videos, to be candid, straight men in Africa how ever watched gay related Programs more than gay men themselves, DSTV is secretly playing a big brother for gays and lesbians living in luxury with coded programs, that's Southern African thing with no regrets, and Nigeria and other African countries are making life miserable for themselves by being so religious to win God's heart, without knowing that religious without godliness is nothing but deceptions and hypocrisies.

Oops, I couldn't wait to post this sexy pictures of the hottest dudes, I made a promise and this is it

Yah, image is everything, good self esteem plays the role of respect for a period of time, sexy and masculine men. not just for the body, but to capture the essence maleness

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

YDA presents: a new faces of homosexuality in Nigeria, a woman u are looking for might be a man

No, yes or maybe, what ever u think of Nigeria and Nigerians, tell it to the birds a country where homosexuals are in the increase and half a dozen of them are coming out to public class as male cross dressers, but haters are everywhere and in reality they are all hypocrisies and deceptive hiding under religion and spirituality, unafrican, but yet a woman u are looking for might be a man