Thursday, 18 August 2016

YDA presents: fitness this morning

Hello folks, fitness is sexy, fitness is life, fitness is health, so be gay and fit

YDA presents: kiss the day, we bring to u readers the most beautiful images of young gay lovers of all time

When it comes to love, it changes everything, love break the rules, there's no power on earth that can breaks down gay love, because love is love and it can never change it colours. The reason God  gave gay world the colours of rainbow is the power of acceptance, love, forgiveness and freedom to be able to love, to share with the one of ur own sex, and God gave the gay community world wide the desired of their own satisfaction, to love without hate or judgment, because God's anger on homosexuals stop to exist since from the beginning of time and as far as the sun shine on both gay and straight people, so are the deepest love God have for all his children

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

YDA presents: good morning gay Africa

Hello Africa how u dey?  Gay or straight it up to u, be happy all today