Saturday, 7 February 2015

weekend blues, there's something about a big black dick,

black dudes and a big black dicks. there's something about a big black dick, black men with huge black dong. weekend blues bring to u just a black dicks, this post is for 18+ only.

Friday, 6 February 2015

don't be surprise, we all do this shit.

straight men who had physical contact that went beyond the bound of friendship with gay men are known as what?

sexy Friday, gay boys in black and white.

young thugs, goodlooking black guys, there's nothing like sexy Friday.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

welcome to youdude sports, I hope youdude readers are ready to see the gay side of our favourite European and club side football players.

hello youdude readers, introducing a more active youdude, which is youdude sport mostly for our gay brothers here in Nigeria and all around the world. the world is changing their hatred towards gay people as much as in sport, from European football to champion unit, as much in clubs and so on. there are so many bisexual men in the global football, youdude will get u guys posted in every details as it may be.

sexy Thursday, swag and skin deep,

sexy Thursday, is for ur eyes only. the swag of a gay male is one of the most significant part which every straight males sees as a threat. The awesomeness of a male homosexual tell a story of pure passion and the one who sees it as unnatural and offensive. gay black men will continue to be the most sexy people to look at.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Davido says Nigerian Entertainers are closeted gays, who won't admit their homosexuality.

The name Davido is a p word when it comes to Nigerian music industry, the dude seems to give his fans what they always ask for, which is good music with a strong beat, but not when others who live in a world of make believes, speaking with an online music web site, just as his new music video which was film in Dubai took off with a bang. Davido throw this out, when he said I am very very real every thing about me, my swag and my life. just as real as my music, if I am gay yes I'll come out to my fans and family and say people Davido is gay. I can't be like other Nigerian entertainers who are closeted gay and bisexuals who won't admit their homosexuality.

work day Wednesday, gay boys career moves.

hot wire, more nerve, intensify in business, gay men don't fail in business or in a work place, unless they don't take their lives seriously, be the power play, switch to sensibility, be nice, work hard and play less, be the man u want to be.

Monday, 2 February 2015

masculine kisses, from February with love.

yeah!!! every body need love. it doesn't matter who u love. February is a month of love full with masculine kisses.

sexy Monday, after five.

Mondays I hate Mondays, but a rough weekend was a delicate topic for conversation, what a male, sexy men on a sexy Monday after five.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Alexx Ekubo says the different between him and his haters is that he was built for that, with all the gay rumours . read what he says below.

is that dude Flavour's secret boy friend?

some say they say, hmm!!!! do I hear some people say that Flavours lover is not a woman but a man. could he be the dude on this picture?

is Basketmouth a gay or a drag queen? or is he putting those cloths just for fun?

basket mouth is one of Nigeria's most celebrated comedian, but this days Basket is completely questionable with his homo erotic appearances, but not in a country full of homophobias. Basketmouth may be a gay friendly dude with his funny side of life, but it may not be fun in the eyes of those who are ready to tag him gay or a drag queen.

who is gay among those Nigerian male celebrities? checkout the pictures and point out one or two with his name.

when it comes to gay life style, Nigerian men are totally in the closet. a secret they don't want anybody to know, not even their fans, but few are known to be gay even if their picture is not posted here and even if u see them with women. so if u know any, or in the picture above point him out with a comment.