Saturday, 30 July 2016

YDA presents: IU by raw passion

Passion and enthusiasm, pure love between men, not all about sexual orientation but of the deepest emotions to share, to love with brotherly love under heaven.

YDA presents: naked gun

 Please don't kill the homophobics, just let them see how harmless gays can be.

Hello Africa how are u doing?...YDA presents: beautiful black gay men out of Africa

Yo, great looking Africans, bisexuals or gay friendly, it up to u folks

Friday, 29 July 2016

Can't believe this, Tanzanian government bans lubricant in bit to 'cub homosexuality

Hello folks, Africans are just so backward, issues like this is just so invalid and stupid, Tanzanian government bans all kinds of lubrication products with the aim of cubing homosexuality, the East African country made this thread known to the media a few hours ago, but can this really helps? Because heterosexuals are lubricant users too.

YDA presents: weekend vibes, bring to u by PEPSI, live for now

Music is life, perfectly balanced with the passion to healing a trouble soul.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hello folks, set urself free if u are currently confused about ur lives and sexualities

Confusion can be ugly, it brings hate and mental illness, if u hate gay people, then u maybe in a confusing state of mind, confusing about who u are, or ur sexuality can be dangerous without control, so get out of the box and set urself free, have a great weekend folks

Good morning Africa, is a brilliant and handsome day

Hello Africa it a brighter weekend, what ever happen to day, just don't worry just be happy, because the day is bright and gay, what so ever u be, be a good one

Hello folks, here are all male, all lovers

Sometimes the side chick isn't a chick, but a handsome niggar with a huge dick, is anything wrong with that?