Friday, 15 January 2016

Requested post. Dude that thing in-between ur legs is dame too big

Requested post are sponsored post,  nudity is a very beautiful thing, men dicks are object of  deceptions, it easier to say I'm straight, but u are gay, am gay but u are straight

Gay black dudes where not born in Africa, Africa was born in them. YDA presents gay Nigeria weekend

Nigeria and homosexuality, just a handful game of hide and seek, openly gay non, secracy yes, music lovers yah, did u say so, lots of pretence that's a way of life. Happy weekend folks.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

YDA presents: mid week nudity, masculine beauties, (sponsors post)

Yeah!! Dudes got tools, hot and sexy guys, enjoy this beautiful Wednesday weather with cute guys within ur reach.  To Amal Yen, thanks for putting ur money on this post.

Mid week cuteness, Niggars what do u have?

Mid week cuteness, u maybe gay or straight, as far as u are a dude, that is the privileged. Have a great day folks.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Just the beginning, I think the memories of 2015 is just out there.

The year only begins, but some dudes still holds the mainstream memories of bad events that happened in their lives. This is 2016 and my message to u guys is that whatever happened in 2015, good or bad, just gottta forget and move on and reaching to the stars. Happy new year folks.