Saturday, 21 November 2015

YDA present: men in love weekend.

When love is question, then it makes no sense because those who are in love know what love is, because love comes from both directions.

YDA present: gay boys are beautiful.

When it comes to good looks, give it to the gay community. Gay men are 80% known to be very good looking but that doesn't mean that straight men are not.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

One magazine in Nigeria known as Qhue, men of Qhue, a magazine for men with men guide, was label gay.

The anti gay comments can never stop in Nigeria, even if the campaign was to save lives. But one magazine known as Qhue, men of Qhue took a bold step and came out with men of Qhue, nearly all the cover pages are with naked models. The magazine was under fire with hate comments online, claiming the intended men's guide was promoting homosexuality and not a prostate cancer campaign, also that some of the male models are well known gays.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Gay labels and the most handsome men in Nigeria.

Nigeria in the eyes of the world. When it comes to homosexuality, Nigeria is known for their hatred for the gays and Lesbians, but Nigeria has the highest down low gay men and women in western Africa. Gay men and women are every where, mostly in entertainment industry, like wise modeling agencies, when it comes to gay labels, handsome men in Nigeria are always tag as gays with images the citizens are known to be homo erotic. Being gay in Nigeria is not really easy but gay youths in the most popular black nation in west Africa are living a double life under the impression that they are straight and such pretence can only push the societal imbalance. 14 years in prison, and Nigeria anti gay law is not intended to provide pure punishment, but to push the gay community under ground. Nigerians claim to be religious with beliefs that homosexuality is a total sin, but yet Nigeria is known as the most corrupt country in Africa. The consequences of homophobic had driven young gay men in to married, gay images seen everywhere online and most notably on Nigerian blogs which normally come with hate comments.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

YDA present: Just a simple part of him

Young and promising, just a simple part of him. Young gay men are now getting self respect without limitation, no longer in the days that in every 10 minutes a young gay kid is being accused of making passes on a straight kid. Gay is a new black, and black gay kids are now aware of intended danger and a dangerous consequences they will face. now straight youths are more likely to change their minds towards a gay kid, because they are no longer see a fem looking male, but an attachment that will kick them out of the world fashion when it comes to looks, swags,  and masculinity.