Saturday, 12 December 2015

The better boys privileged.

There's more happening in the gay world pages than ever before, young gay guys are directly shopping and playing music and videos from layer app from iTunes and other online gay friendly entertainment industry, this makes it easier, but some times make it difficult to identify a potential gay dude. Straight men are behaving like gay men and gay men are now with more swags than ever, black gay communities are moving in to what that seems straight and straight guys are blinded by the cutest gay boy they see on Internet.

YDA presents: poison

Guys like this are poisonous, charming and well tone, they may poison ur mind to make a decision without notice, feel free to feed ur eyes with the Selected male images for u this weekend.


Friday, 11 December 2015

YDA presents: sexy looks on Christmas, Patrick John brighten weekend with sexy mini boxers.

Happy holidays yda readers and visitors, here's Patric John in the limited edition of modus vivendi special Christmas line. Tartan mini boxers, Hopefully everyone is getting ready for Christmas as the atmosphere is heated with preparations.

YDA presents: just cute.

Not just pretty faces. But gay too. Young gay boys are doing so much within their respective needs to show the world that being gay is not what they should be shameful of, but to show up humanity what love is.

YDA presents: the beginning of xmas.

Happy holidays folks, feel the spirit of xmas that is coming ur way as u prepare to share the season with friends and family.

YDA presents: a love story from the other side of the moon.

They wanna be free from the dream land, in to the other side of the world where the moon will no longer judge us, but lighten the dark labels which the world has place on gay people.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

YDA presents: posh weekend.

Sensual, sexy and posh, masculine quality of today's men, pleasing ur weekend.

Bad habits, that's bad.

Hey, be careful  because what u allow, is what will continue. Sure to be honest to urself for just once. Bad habits, that's bad, so get a life.

In the eyes of a young boy.

So beautiful, innocent and harmless. In the eyes of a young boy, a child is born and his future is unknown, he may be a gay child or a straight one, who knows, but only God. Just like a child, we were unable to access the world until we reach a certain age knowing what the world is like and the promises within. As a young gay man put on ur flash light where ever u go showing the best side of u and let the people see the greatness in u, working hard with confidential tendency knowing that u are different in the eyes of the world,  but only u that can make a decision to be different. So work hard and play less, the choice is urs.

YDA presents: urban male, Thursday edition.

The cosmopolitan men, elegantly as powerful as the city itself.