Saturday, 15 October 2016

YDA presents: gays out of Naija, made in Naija

Gay dudes out of Naija and made in Naija, if u know u are gay and ur picture is not posted here, hmmmm. Sorry, being homophobics and gay is what makes Nigerians number one hypocrisies in the world, images seen here are pictures widely available on gay media, either they are gay or not,  their respective private profiles may justified that.....yah folks, have a great weekend

YDA presents: good morning Africa

Yah, Africa how u dey?  U sound crazy, too much hassle and expense, hmmmm, so much hate
Africans wetin dey happen? Africans lives is a primitive life, if the last picture can tell us that we are wicked, hmmmm!

Friday, 14 October 2016

YDA presents: weekend maleness, Friday blues

Perfectly balanced, sexy and masculine, the beauty of maleness, the power of masculinity, hello folks this is weekend maleness, Friday blues

Thursday, 13 October 2016

YDA presents: gay sex Thursday... xxx 18 plus

The sensual motivation, sexual fitness in fairness, pleasure, passion and love

YDA presents: that's not what we are...

Dogs are gay men best friends, just because they are more intelligent than humans who are haters. Homosexuality is a thought provoking words to those who sees it as a result of sexual dysfunction, but they failed to understand the original sexual behavior of human, that heterosexuality is a complete choice just as homosexuality, either u are heterosexual or homosexual, that decision of choice is between God and his creation, heterosexual is as sinful in nature as homosexual. From the beginning God creation was sexless, and in two different sexualities which is male and female, but the wisdom and realization wasn't there for the creation to see the reality of life,  which based on sexual orientation until God's civilization was leaked out by a serpent which is also God's creation who rebels against the hidden truth. God's anger and grace filled the garden of Eden as God sent his civilized creation out of the garden so that they won't eat from the tree of life and live for ever. The first Man and woman with different sexualities became the first creation to produce a same sex symbol which is Cain and Abel, the question is, if  homosexuality is a sin, then who was Cain's wife? This question need an answer,  so much for the reason why heterosexuals failed to understood how they are sinful just as homosexuals

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Nigeria is now available country in West Africa with the highest numbers of beautiful male cross dressers

Nigerian sexy male cross dressers, they are gaining ground and becoming free each day, after South Africa, Nigeria got a higher numbers of  young male crossers