Friday, 6 January 2017

2017, the year of the open minds, straight men are out there to play

Happy ending, 2016 if I may say, it seems that 2017 is the year that heterosexuals and homosexuals will form a bonding agreement because the world of homosexuality is so large that heterosexuality is probably pushed to the limit, and gay men are now available everywhere in the world without identification, gay dudes are now the new faces of straight men, there's no such thing as straight men, half of the closeted homosexuals in the world to day are married with children, and are being loved by the world most beautiful women, deeply, deeply, sorry, will u be my best man, I'm going to get married and just for the children, in today's world, straight women and gay men are getting married in agreement that each day, the basic principles of the union with both couples is all about keeping the secrets and having kids.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Is Nigeria and Nigerians really ready to accept homosexuality in 2017?

Nigerian government and the other side of masculinity, hello folks, welcome to Nigeria, the world knows how  pretentious Nigerians forever can be, and the other words if homosexuality is mention, God forbid and the gay community went to sleep, waking up straight, but in reality, the government is turning a blind eye letting criminals get the upper hands intimidating the same citizens they are probably protecting, just because they are different and sin differently. The enemies are everywhere, but the gays hold the church deeply and passionately, believing God of the universe is the only support they got, but when the homophobics and the self-righteous Christians use the Bible to backup their hate crimes against humanity and they believe The merciful God is on their side, and the gay agenda attached in their respective mindset is being done, but that doesn't mean that gay visibility in Nigeria is dead, they are coming out in different ways and in different forms, in the music industry and Nollywood is displaying a banner and calling the police stations u dare not interfere with our sexualities, anti gay bill was a bit more about winning 2015 election, model agencies in Nigeria is not keeping their houses open for confusion and frustration which normally came with religious beliefs and homophobics, they are protecting their environment against the spirit of hates and those who uses their respective stupidities to preach hate in the name of religious freedom, but only those with less education and research can fall in the hands of the people such as themselves, but the question is, will Nigeria and Nigerians really want gay rights to be recognize?

YDA presents: eyes candies Thursday, New Year edition

Monday, 2 January 2017

YDA presents: 2017 the best year for gays in Africa

From Egypt to the rest of Africa, the year has come when civilization will truly start in Africa, a continent where deadly conflicts, hunger and homophobics played a major part in human history, a continent where religion is not played by the rules and with the policies of self-righteous and corruption, a continent where justice and equality goes with the wind, above all this, I pray may civilization start in Africa in the coming year, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone in Africa

YDA presents: HAPPY New YEAR, 2017 the very best

Hello folks, Happy New Year, it just a sneak preview of what youdude blog post may bring to your viewing pleasure,  post may be on weekly basis due to my main job, guys, u all knew I'm not into full time blogging, my other job is too demanding and challenging and rewarding at the same time, as much as I travel all over the world, once again happy new year folks, thanks for  being there