Thursday, 16 February 2017

YDA presents: classic Nigerian global gay men

Thanks, the secrets has been revealed, if a country such as Nigeria with the finest gay men and women could allowed the best looking gay dudes to leave the country because of meaningless hatred for people who are not interested in women or men, homosexuals in Nigerian who are forever masculine and discreet are finding it difficult to express themselves in a country where homophobics is seen as a normal thing, as hypocrisies took over the center stage. The only survival mode for gays who are so good looking is a one way ticket out of the country leaving behind the ugliest one who now lives as blackmailers and are into different kinds of shady deals of sex for food, but they are still the sexy gay men in Nigeria, who based mostly in the luxury areas of Lagos, Nigeria

YDA presents: it was ten minutes late to my Valentine day dinner date with my gay lover

Hello folks, tuesday was a global love day and every one in the world expressed their love for the one that masters in their own lives, but some people where disappointed because love came in ten minutes late, yah folks, have a great Thursday morning