Friday, 26 December 2014

oops don't forget, I don't give a fuck.

if u a man that is trying to survive or is going to survive in 2015, u better not give a fuck, as much u believe in urself, never mind the street. but do things that will bring joy to u and to the person next to u, if u are gay or straight and people call u names take it as a compliment and pass ur way, never say a word, because u are the most intelligent guy come 2015. but remember if someone fight u, fight him back, but with caution because u are not as mad as that person..........#100.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

do u agree with the word below?

If u and ur best friend relationship isn't constantly mistaken for a homoerotic love affair are u really best friends? So many questions. so many fake friends out there, even they may be ur childhood friends.

happy holiday, be the man u want to be, no one can take that away from u.

happy holiday! no matter who u are, gay or straight, be who u want to be it's a free world, it comes to my knowledge that so many dudes out there still get confuse about their sexual orientation, they claims to be straight but they are gay, while others claim to be gay but they are completely straight. what a confuse world. the beautiful thing about men who feel good about their sexuality is that they live long, happy and free, such men are always successful in life. men active blog is wishing all those who are true to themselves the very best of life. and if it is against the law to be who u are in ur country, go under ground....hehehe!! so best wishes.