Friday, 3 March 2017

YDA presents: sexy Nigerian maleness

Highly recommende and sexy, perfectly balanced in a country where homosexuality and nudity is a crime, but making ur weekend more effective and less stressful. I presents to u urban male from Nigeria

YDA presents: white weekend

yes folks, the guys are in white, sexy and masculine, perfectly balanced maleness in a friendly Friday morning, making ur weekend blues s enjoyable one

Thursday, 2 March 2017

YDA presents: the future of in coming talent, football and Daniel Oscar

Hello Africa, this dude is not just a pretty face, but got a talent too, and the professional football portfolio await him. This is Daniel Oscar and football is his own personal ID, a talented player that a time cheated, unless by now he would be playing for his country national team, known as super Eagle, but tribalization and corruption in the Nigerian football glass house, pushed the talented young player aside. But then, Daniel Oscar can't gave up, as a Nigerian from Delta State, who knows what the future of football have in stock for him, believe in a short time his dream of playing in the European clubs is just a few months away

YDA presents: there's so many stories behind this face

Hello Africa, here's the face u dare not joke with, see this face and die, he's  not a model, but  an ordinary urban male and straight to the core, but mistakenly he may send a wrong signal and create a deceptive expression to the people that he is gay, but that's not any body's business, and certainly not mind, mostly because, few years ago this facial expressions seen on picture tells a story about a young Nigerian dude with the sexy eyes and beautiful face, a face that stold the seventh stars.  In the eyes of a boy, with the dream that dare not shows it face. Like I said, the picture u see here was stolen and replaced with a fake print, but still this pix had gained a reputation of it own class

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

YDA presents: sexy Tuesday

Total recalled, masculine sexiness of urban gay male, perfectly balance homosexuals classic, perfect images just for u folks

YDA presents: tuesday morning breakfast

When morning coffee and cuteness become available way of life for gay men, then the brilliant part of it, is when the coffee is creamy,