Saturday, 26 November 2016

YDA presents: the last Saturday of November, a short story

Hey!!........get up, whispering to my boyfriend, don't be a shit head, I thought I was wondering if we can get it right to day, just a few little things that makes sense to me now. we got home last night drunk, it was a drink with some gay friendly dudes, just that I lose my senses forgetting that today is the last Saturday of the month of November.

Friday, 25 November 2016

YDA presents: sexy and masculine earphones

 Less talk, great music and the sexy men, sexy earphones personal as it is

Thursday, 24 November 2016

YDA presents: happy thanks giving, America

There's a God out there, and we gave him Thanksgiving for our daily bread, Happy Thanksgiving America

This food is made in Nigeria, eba dick and a fish soup

 yeah! Folks, this is for dick lovers, isn't it looks good and delicious? hmmmm! Eba dick and delicious fish soup, don't be surprised if gays in Nigeria decided to take the kitchen by storm and show the world that straight men in Nigeria love to eat a meal designed and cooked like a dick. Country of residence evil, hmmmm! Hypocrisies, this food is made to explain why Nigerians forever will respond negatively outside and in public places when it comes to homosexuality, but in reality and in the closet, they love foods and drinks with gay symbol, it seems Nigerians hate homosexuality, but Nigerians visit gay blogs and social website more than other African countries

YDA presents: West African masculinity

Perfectly balance of masculinity and power, sexy men from Western Africa, gay or straight, and is up to u

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Now that the world knows Christiano Ronaldo is gay, what's next?

Sometimes the basic principles of life, is to come out and be happier than before, Christiano Ronaldo had decided to let those who often labeled him gay to take it by surprise, faggot, yes, but a very rich one. Christiano Ronaldo is not the only gay player in European football, they are more likely a lot in the closets, and being gay does not make u a lesser human being, but a super power, because gay men never thought of taking defeat in what so ever fields they find themselves in. The concept of power and freedom is when u over looked the constructive abused in any given time, if u are in the public eyes, Christiano Ronaldo had previously been associated with the gay agenda of European Union and the stronger support he has for LGBT communities around the world, just as the co founder of Apple, a multi billion dollar company, now that the world knows Christiano Ronaldo as gay, in his own words, what next?

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

YDA presents:Peter of Psquare sitting position and the gay rumors

Just recently, a Nigerian music legendary, Peter, with the group known as Psquare in his new home, hosted who they called Africa richest man, Mr Dangote in his new crip, but the rumors is that some people are talking about Peter's sitting position and the homosexual expression seen beyond his control, only bisexuals live big, as the rumors spread among those who knows gay behavioral tendency when in the closets. But the question is, what is the relationship between Peter of Psquare and Mr Dangote?

Monday, 21 November 2016

YDA presents: cool breeze

Cool as the morning breeze,  Sexy and manly, perfectly balanced gay men in a cool breeze

YDA presents: facial cuteness, gay men are created beautifully

Beautiful gay faces, globally, gay dudes are the best looking with irresistible facial structures