Saturday, 27 August 2016

The anti gay bill signed into law by president Goodluck Jonathan was a politically motivated says Wiz Kid, the Nigerian music super star

When it comes to homosexuality in Nigeria, either u keep mute or use a Bible or ethic and religious freedom to judge those who are different in sexual orientation, but not sure with this particular young musician known as Wiz Kid, just few hours ago he was among other music artists who want the Lagos state government to implement the Lagos state citizens rights law, which includes sexual orientation, saying that the anti gay bill of 2015 that prohibits any form of same sex affection signed into law by the former Nigerian president, Mr Goodluck Jonathan was politically motivated. Wiz Kid who was in the united state said this in a private message to a LGBT community bloggers, promise to use his status as an entertainer to fight homophobics, and preaching tolerance in Nigeria

Friday, 26 August 2016

Homosexuality had been outlaw in Kenya, but homosexuals are freely available in every aspect of the society

Gay Kenyans are likely living their lives without harassment, not like Uganda or Tanzania where gay and lesbians being threatening on daily basis,Kenyans first same sex television show is coming up, the show will be focusing on lesbian life styles, Kenyans are more likely to tune in to watch the first LGBT community television show.

YDA presents: Nigerian musicians who are secretly fighting for gay rights in Lagos state, if this is successful, Lagos will be the only state in Nigeria to have such right

The following artists are all human right activists, this is going to take Nigerians by storm, because they are all fighting for equal rights for gay and lesbians in Lagos state alone, the Lagos state government is now available for what is call citizens clarification right, regarding The federal law baning certain rights including sexual right where the majority of Lagosians claims their respective right as an independence state citizens had been voileted, since the beginning of the law baning same sex marriage,  Nigerian entertainers had been so hypothetical and majority are fighting under ground, doing everything to killed the anti gay bill, but a little success and battle had been detected, because Lagos is now the only state where homosexuals live freely, but with caution, happening right now, the Nigerian entertainers are being pushed by the love they have for their fans who are different, and the respect they had for human rights,  according to the group,  the entertainers says, using religions and culture to cage certain citizens is unreasonable, and is an actual act of backwardness as the meeting is on going, more details soon

Thursday, 25 August 2016

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YDA presents: Diamond Platinumz topless profile

Hello folks, Diamond Platinumz is topless, but not naked, but we got Mr Platinumz homo erotic images, that can not be publish without permission

YDA presents: there's a little bit of gayness in Diamond Platinumz, the award winning artist never feels ashamed to admit the truth about his behavior on stage or any where else

Every black man is a blessing, the concept of reality is knowing what ur gay fans want, Diamond Platinumz is one music artist who's not only shows his own gay side of life, but he can identify a gay fan when he sees one, Mr Platinumz balanced his love for both his gay and straight fans without discrimination, just by wearing a long shirt in a skirt pattern and holding tight a male fan on stage, Diamond knew that homosexuality is something Africans hate deeply, but that can not stop him of hanging out with feminine guys Within his limitations

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

YDA presents: guilty pleasure, when straight men hangout with gay dudes in or out doors

 When u see a straight dude smiling within his own thoughts, knowing that u are gay, deep inside of him is passing through a guilty pleasure.

It just doesn't seem to matter anymore, as far as a straight guy gets what he plan to get from a gay dude in return, the best way for him to be able to get along with it, is through guilty pleasure

YDA presents: when gay dudes are in love, then this happen

Never u question love, because u wouldn't know it origin, it comes down from the heart, because love can happen in a surprising state of mind

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

YDA presents: good morning Africa

YDA presents: I'm not the boy for u

I lit up the seventh candle stick in the middle of nowhere I thought I was lost, wondering where that would lead me to, but as a surprise, a red fire burning out of the wood brought my attention to  handsome male creature, upon the contents he speaks not, because he seems to be different from me, a heterosexuals devil who sin differently, judging me by my sexuality and decided to deceived the whole world that homosexuality is a sin, unnatural affection, those who tested his lie's which is the Apple of his deceptions believe him, because he turned out the creator love details into a huge lie that follows with hate crime, in the heart of those who uses religion to killed the innocents, in the name of a God who can't stand haters, because he made himself out of the foundation of love and judgment which no one had the right to judge anyone. Now, I can see hypocrisy in his eyes, i can feel it and I can't believe what so ever that came out of his heart, because I'm not the boy for him

YDA presents: that fear on ur face, that handsome face of urs

Gay dude and a straight guy establish a solid friendship based on arrival, a forbidden friendship that dare shows it face, in a country of homophobics where homosexuality is against the law of the land, but trust, tolerance and believe, took a turning point in the lives of two friends with two different sexual orientations, a sexuality that often seen as a taboo mostly in Africa, were shattered, as fear on ur face tell a story of tolerance, truth and love, with that handsome face of urs, shows the power of love with no hate.

YDA presents: gay men are angels hi hi