Saturday, 22 October 2016

YDA presents: we are Africans

The African continent with lots of hypocrisies, they condemn homosexuality in public places and in the media, but still, in the closets, African heritage and history based on homosexuality, Africans are more gays than the Western world

Friday, 21 October 2016

YDA presents: go purple in support of LGBT community against bulling and homophobics all around the world

Highly recommended, wearing purple, as the colour represent support and encouragement, to fight for what is right, purple is a colour of freedom, to free from all kinds of bad  treatments, as global gay communities stood firm with spiritday to put a stop to all forms of bullyings on gay and lesbian youths

The world took a stand against bulling, in support for LGBT communities

The spirit day and the history of fighting bullying and homophobics, since 2010, annually, October is just a special month for spiritday, from the white house staffers and the global support for LGBT communities. Purple is the only colour that stood against bulling of gay and lesbian youths across the world, since October 20th, spiritday and some human rights organizations stood firm in protecting gay youths from bullying in schools, colleges and universities across the world, but Western Africa is not included or backup by spiritday due to certain types of laws in such countries, but human rights group are fighting in details in countries where homosexuality is outlaws.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

YDA presents: Nigerians who are gay, or being labeled as bisexuals

Nigerians, religion, culture and homosexuality. The three letters words that most Nigerians don't want to hear, is gay this and gay that, but in reality such words are in the mainstream media every week or every other day,  Lagos systematic approach to homosexuality is not really a problem, but the problem is that, if u are not a celebrity and u are gay, u can face the music if u are caught in the act. Gay and bisexuals celebrities are being protected by the mainstream media which holds a special case of urgency, and gay friendly fans are everywhere and the secrets remains a mystery, homosexuals state is Lagos, and Lagos Nigeria holds a very special place for gay and lesbian youths, but this remains a secret as far as gay youths themselves live in the closets, but few are openly gay or being labeled as such.

YDA presents: evening breeze

Men in the hood, cool breeze with sexy eye candies

YDA presents: with love all things are possible

Like a fathers love, with love all things are possible, when love happen, as a result of God's grace, gay friendly fathers hold steadfast to the love of  their children, for there's no ordinary love but the one that Christ Jesus gave to both gay and straight people, to live in harmony in a world full of hate and injustice

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

YDA presents: corporate office, gay men in style

General knowledge, gay men look so good in suitable jackets, corporate gay men in financial services, corporate style for corporate office