Friday, 4 March 2016

YDA presents: nude weekend, body of a human male.

In the eyes of Adam, men body becomes the status of desire, far from reality and within the men's folks. The power of masculinity and the sexiness of a well tone dude lies a deep secret, which is the power of same sex attraction. Homosexuality was in the future of humanity because of the sexiness of Adam, the very attraction which Eve couldn't see, but only God who sees the invisible desire burning inside of a man he created.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Too deep, the boyz next door story.

The PowerPoint is that, handsomeness can be seen as a reference to single men who stays next doors, but Gay men always want to be secure, discreet and private, one thing is that being gay and living in an open house or apartment that is full of people who seems to be homophobic can be so difficult to  be open minded, but with wisdom u can out shine every other neighbors with ur simplicity and elegance. Dude live ur life is a free world.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Happiness within, but deeply Nigeria entails the risk of losing the very best entertainers if gays are not well guided.

They can whisper in your ears, but not a word u dare speak in the public domain. Gay life is not really that easy in Nigeria, and homosexuality is seen as an abomination, but deeply, gay life is going on smoothly as deceptive as it can be. Give it to the entire entertainment industry in general. Nigeria holds a very strong belief when it comes to Christianity  as much as they claim to be so religious. Gay dudes are getting married and this had been going on for years, the country is not favourable to gays, but they are secretly hoping for a stronger ties between the protective foundation they build within the entertainment industry.