Saturday, 6 August 2016

Actually, a certain Nigerian musician by name PATORANKING was deliberately detained if not arrested for entrying Uganda booked to perform at Uganda gay pride event 2016, this is unconfirm story, but the fact is out there

Regards this story, the Nigerian entertainment media didn't tell the truth, PATORANKING was in Uganda booked to perform at Uganda gay pride event, but the fact is that the Nigerian music star was deliberately detained as the Uganda ethic minister Strike down on further pride in Uganda

YDA presents: choose ur passion, they are all body beautiful

Hey folks, it Saturday, here's great looking gay men lineup, so cute, now choose ur passion

Good morning Africa....... YDA presents gay faces looks so good, just so beautiful

Gay boys are beautiful with handsome faces to show the world. Since from the beginning, they were all created with handsomeness and love

Friday, 5 August 2016

YDA presents: vanilla and chocolate

Vanilla and chocolatey

YDA presents: Friday afternoon nudity

Sensual and erotic, completely naked and sexy

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Absolute sexy, masculine clean coffees

It doesn't make an economic sense to discriminate, says Ayo Sogunro a Nigerian who by today ending up his discussion on gay rights in Nigeria

Discussion by nowthe untold facts, discussion going on YouTube.

YDA presents: we are Africans

We are Africans, a continent where homosexuality is seen as a taboo, but gay Africans are the power of Africa, pushing in to the inner closets, but still, the strength of survival mode is like a burning fire that can't be put off

YDA presents: breakfast Africa

Hello folks, slim a pot, happy weekend Africa