Friday, 13 January 2017

Is this not love?

Love is a mystery, love is a spiritual growth, without love, God does not exist, God create himself out of love, because God is love, same level of love he spread it to his creation then he said, do not judge so that u won't be judge

Thursday, 12 January 2017

When love runs through our blood

From the words of mother Theresa, in her own words, from the inner interpretation, love have no control, love has no colours and love can never ask why

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the gays were called by their names

Hello folks, Nigeria is in the negative side of the world, but once upon a time, gays were called by their names because by then, the churches and the multiple choice of religions were personal thing, and that was between the citizens and their God, by then Nigerians were seeking God's grace and mercy, with a Thanksgiving, because in the 90's Nigeria wasn't forsaken by God, In the 80's and 90's, the word homosexuality wasn't a hateful word, very rare because by then, the love of God covered all sins and Satan was not a Nigerian, and the Bible wasn't a book used to preach hatred, but love, and the Nigerian nation was better and blessed by God because gays were called by their names and not by their sexual orientation, because by then, gays were living their lives behind the close doors happily

Monday, 9 January 2017

The most provocative Nigerian anti gay comedy video sketch had failed

Anger and outrageous, as Nigerians and the rest of the world condemn an anti gay comedy video sketch, produced by Nigerian comedian, Ogusbaba, the short comedy is about a Nigerian effeminate gay man being rape by three men using vegetables, fruits and yam, but what the production teams thought is funny, is the most provocative, as the video went viral on social media causing outrage and anger, most Nigerians condemn this video as well as those who watched the video on social media, it became a clear shocked to the comedian as the social media tagged the video hate crime which may likely promote violence and sexual assault that can spread across the country targeting LGBT community. But to the homophobics and those who uses the Bible to backup their hatred for gays are supporting the comedian without reasonable doubt that such jokes can  encouraged sexual assault by just watching the funny video.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Africans and homophobics, but the continent is full of homosexual expressions

Sometimes Africans are over reacting when same sex relationships or homosexuality is mention, just few days ago two Ghanaian dudes were caught giving each other a blowjob in a shopping mall rest room and the video went viral on social media, and mostly Nigerian bloggers got a filled day posting it on their own satisfaction, but the problem is, what about the possibility that the guy who caught those guys on his camera phone was filming with an erection, a desire of kiss and tell with the following document, because we are an Africans. But the failing of Africans to understand what same sex relationships is all about have to do with lack of civilization and sexual education and research. Religious beliefs and values may played a little part, but it seems that Africans are not all that Godly, but they are religious because their cultural heritage and history don't made any impacts, but evidence of evil and hate, and when the missionaries brought Christianity to Africa forgetting the western world brought along sexual orientation and sexual civilization, but not in African traditions, but in western traditions and culture. But from the beginning of time, homosexuality in Africa were practice in the closets and no one has the right to investigate, but the Western civilization and the uncivilized ways of Africans, brought hate speeches and the religious freedom started fighting the good gay Agenda in Africa and homosexuals are pushed back in the closets and even killed