Saturday, 31 January 2015

Did gay blur pushes Justin Brieber to punch a boy?

an unnamed 12 years old boy got into an argument with Bieber and referred to him with a gay slur. this happen few years ago, but the boy claims Bieber punched him just to say stop so not to out me, the secrecy between celebrity and homosexuality can never be out lash, but from young age to adulthood

Saturday flavours

in ur eyes only. the inner most part of a man is his thinking faculty. youdude bring to u the finest black dudes , so chose the one u like most with a comment.

Friday, 30 January 2015

weekend blues, this dude is absolutely hot. check him out

yah dudes, this guy looks good,there's something familiar about him, maybe his flawness or his masculinity, he maybe an actor. can somebody please tell me his name and which movie he acted?

Nigerian Men.............hmm!!

Nigerian men and homosexuality, what do they think? as the government pushes them in to the closet.