Friday, 2 September 2016

YDA presents: didn't we almost have it all, in our lives

Didn't we almost got it all in our lives, but u thrown it all away, because u believe I was straight, now I'm keeping my gay love for someone else who trust and believes me

YDA presents: the vital question Mark Zuckerberberg asked. That the Nigerian media hide from the public

Mark was in Nigeria, a homophobics country, blinded, a country filled with gay men and women, what was his mission? His mission was a clean installation of hi-tech knowledge which base on social technology and innovation targeted African youths. But there was a jokeful question, vital and very reasonable, Mark Zuckerberberg asked, Where are the youths from LGBT community, jokefully, but that was a thread, but funny enough, the organisers quickly pushed back jokingly, saying we are all here, but that was a clear cut, deceptive and pretentious answer from the homophobics, the simplicity of Mark Zuckerberberg, the founder of Facebook, who is a great supporter of gay rights was in a country where gay youths where pushed in to a world of emotional storm, and survival is on their own. Mark Zuckerberberg mean well for Africa and presently working with young people in Africa, to play apart where African youths can fit in to the global business systems that will help bring hi-tech empowerment, through social apps and software design and development in Africa and by Africans

YDA presents: beautiful weekend, Friday blues

Beautiful Friday, and the freedom weekend, have a great weekend folks

Thursday, 1 September 2016

YDA presents: deepest fear, handsome straight men, are now the new gay world, same sex loving brothers may not be really gay, but straight men

How can u know who are the real gay dudes this days? as handsome straight men are now coming out as a new faces of homosexuality.

YDA presents: Gay men are stronger, wiser and harmless, otherwise proof it

They say straight men don't cry, think again, because gay men are created even more stronger to face the challenges and consequences that the homophobics and  hateful world got to offer, they are being killed all around the world, but in one voice, they stood against the wind of hatred and violence that blows like a wild Winds without fear, and they are gaining ground towards more victories

YDA presents: when the moon goes to the sun, i swear by sun and the moon that I'll be there to witness the love affair the planet display

The beauty of nature is here in our lives, as the moon goes to the sun, the beginning of eclipses shows the wonderful sight of love between God's greatest technology which is like a gay love that can't be seen with a naked eyes, because of it attractions.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

YDA presents: delicious men of colours

Black men are created beautifully, gay black men are created even more beautiful, deliciously and purposefully sexy