Saturday, 14 March 2015

my boyfriend says he's gay, what can I do? how to get away with murder.

Never will I let him go, never, not when I am pregnant for him, so i have to kill him. can somebody stop me please.......nope,  this time u can't get away with murder.

inbetween the males.

"if two people are happy together, then the world just have to leave them alone.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Act like a lady, think like a man. this post is for women only.

hello youdude girls, is it not surprisingly to notice that this blog  wasn't really for men only, some times details and post may look so gay, but to be honest, youdude readers are both straights  and gays with an open minds, so I've decided to start running  a  post on women who act like woman but think like men.  yes think like a man,  women who are successfull and proactively capable to stand or handle  any situation.

Monday, 9 March 2015

sleep to wake up a fitter u.

Sleep, how do u sleep? early or late night sleep?  when we relax our bodies our important  and innermost part of ourbody system begin to repaired it self. so having a good sleep may entails waking up fitter and smarter with a sound mind. men who get a sound sleep are known to make good decisions in life.

men who see their bodies in other men eyes.

every man want a perfect body shape and the last minute six pacts,  yeah.....shoot that down with a multiple target, not all men have the will power to stand the no pain and no gain injections, but they see their bodies in other men's eyes.  now time to kick some Ass and  make ur way to the gym, but if u are not a gym freak, there's other ways to make a move so that u can see ur body in ur own eyes.  first, a doctors advise may be the reason if u want to make a smart moves.  after the doctors hammer what next? that means u are given a go ahead to get ur body in shape.  so start now,  go to the gym or a little out door walking or jogging can do the  tricks, but that's not all, keeping ur mouth close most times can also do the tricks. eating for the fun of it,  is like giving urself a  multiple power to gain weight without fat attack, so eat wisely without exercisers.