Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday morning black coffee and sexy cream

Sexy black coffees on Saturday morning,  Masculine existence, black cats loaded with sexiness. Happy Saturday folks.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Nigerians are likely lost by the hatred they have for a 72 years old President who tried hard to fix the broken nation they caused with their foolishness called tribalism.

Nigeria is the most notorious country in Advance Africa, the country is known to be the most popular black nation, But it seems things are not right, because Nigeria is a great nation full of bad and wicked people, with no or little effort to fight the battle of corruption which the rich place in their faces, but because of tribalism, hatred, greed and selfishness, they failed to understand that tribalism and corruption is number one  destroyers of a country, only fools and backwardness citizens that will go on a social media to attack a 72 year old man who is working so hard for what he believes in, that within few years Nigerian dream will be felt across the world. Shame on u all that called themselves Nigerians who sees nothing good in a president who traveled on a bad climate to look for help for a country that is broken.

When love happen, the street corner can't stand it

When love came close it doesn't seem to matter if the street matters. Elegance is a word given to those who expressed their feelings no matter where the wind blows. Electric eyes everywhere, but Paris Jackson kissed her girl friend in public, Paris Jackson is a pop star Michael Jackson's daughter who is now grown up girl.

Chris Brown holds on to his dick, oops he want to explain.

I hold ma dick.......niggar I'm feeling hot, niggar I wanna bust.

Guys read Mr Brown lips. He's trying to say something.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Weekend splash, sexy and wet, masculine is the blue clear sky.

There's nothing as sexy as the dude, splashing out in an open shower
 The blue sky, the sun, the splash and the sexy dude

YDA presents: gay fashion hijacked by straight men

Straight men have no fashion sense, male styles is completely a two way communication, either u move to the other side or u stold it from LGBTQ community. Gay fashion industry is always  based on Muscularity and femininity, but strongly recommend for masculine and discreet gay dudes, but now straight communities world over are feeding from gay fashion and style which is completely hijacked from the gay world.

Thursday morning sweetie pie, Thursday maleness.

Perfection is Thursday morning, Just a little bit cuteness overload with sexiness and sensuality, generally this dude is cute.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Masculine Suzies, pretty boys day out.

Sexy is the new word for gay men, masculinity  and sensuality generally been displayed in the new world of homosexuality. Boys day out Wednesday clarifies a complete physical appearances of gay dudes and the reasons  for half naked images seen on social media. Gay boyd

Monday, 11 April 2016

Top choice Monday, pretty faces gay dudes.

Face factor, not just pretty faces, but faces that shows how good looking gay dudes can be.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Monday morning blues.

Hello good morning Monday, it a new week folks, what u have to do, do quick.