Friday, 1 April 2016

YDA presents: gay Street naija.

Homosexuality and the Nigerian public, who are the one that stuck in there?  Gays in the future Media, gay dudes every where, and images flying in the air, but yet no one felt it, just because they belong  to a place call show business. Welcome to gay Street naija.

It Apirl fool.

Oops, it April fool, a new month. Yoududeactive is posting a few images of sexy girls, not really mean that yoududeactive is unisexual blog, but yoududeactive is open to both male and female and same gender loving .

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Who the hell do gay people think they are?

Yeah, to solve the mystery of gay men existence and the handsomeness within them here's what I learned. First thing I noticed about gay dudes is that their existence just added colours to the world, their bodies are always blast with masculinity, sexiness and elegancy. The existence of gay men still remain a mystery within the world communities but the truth is that gay people are God's creation, and from the beginning of time. But still haters uses religion and faith that is not from The reality of life, but of hatred, pain and inflammation dew to homophobic to bash same gender loving people.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

YDA presents: when love is everything.

LOVE is the most powerful four letters word in human history, when love break the rules no one has the power to Stop it. Sometimes love make us do things that is so questionable, but at the end, LOVE win.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

YDA presents: Tuesday style, absolute men's fashion.

It a total recall when gay men use self explanatory to tell the world that gay means colours and masculine Patten is the symbol of gayness. Gay Men's fashion is one of the most important part of today's men, over looking the gay agenda, straight men are now wearing available gay friendly fashion without thinking of being label as gays. Gay fashion is the new world order with it simplicity and elegancy, perfectly for men who desire masculinity and a little bit of femininity.

What do they mean? Gays are here to stay, this is Nigeria, we make music.

Music heals, music is life, without music I don't know how the world would be. The power of music can melt a hardened heart, but what about those who are behind the production of music in Nigeria, they are the musicians, producers and the marketers. But not long ago it was revealed that young gay men in Nigeria are the pillars of eternity when it comes down to entertainment, both on run ways, Nigeria is not a gay friendly nation, but yet her citizens holds a deeper secret, only when the media is being fair enough in reporting if the cat is out of the cage. So many homoerotic images in the mainstream media which holds a upper hands that Nigeria anti gay bill was dead long ago. But yes, such bill can never work where the rich and famous homosexuals are, but only the poor ones who often seek pleasures in unsecured enveronment and when they get caught, they are beaten to death or personally exposed and humiliated in the public as if they had committed a crime against humanity. Is a shame, for what do they mean, gays are here to stay, for they make music.