Saturday, 2 July 2016

YDA presents: naked night, mix men, men all around the world. Hello this post is highly explicit with frontal male nudity

Completely sexy, naked swords, bare night out with the moment of free will, enjoy eye catching men of colors selected all around the world.

YDA presents: sexy July weekend, Saturday sex appeal

Hello folks, possible is tag July, we bring to u sexy July, I refused to mention first of July weekend, 4th of July  is coming so I'm ready to pull out the sexy men in the open, Cheers  folks

The test of fatherhood, no matter if they are straight or gay

Fascinating being a  father, but certainly very much scary if no directions at all, gay men seems to be a better fathers, but often misinterpret and mistaken that gay men are created not to be perfect parents, but do we really come to think that gay men are indeed care alot about children just like straight men, no negative impact can be traced linking gay men to be predators. Gay family or straight family anything can happen in-between and there's no difference between gay or straight men having children.

Friday, 1 July 2016

YDA presents: Urban male Lagos

Total recall, recalling those years when homosexuality wasn't an issue or a problem in Nigeria, just that it was a well kept secret, but gay boys and girls were having great fun attached to their community, party here and there until the devil's Put on a black hat coming from Aso Rock blindly looking forward for some reason to believe that gay men exist and their freedom should be taken from them. Then come a former President blinded in the name of political favor, Mr Goodluck Jonathan place a bill forbidding gay community from living their lives. The was no regrets at that time, but now with the rainbow trout and the feelings of  guilt burning in their heart, they hide their faces in shame because majority of  Nigerians claim to be believers of the Gospel but not the followers of Christ. They put on in one voice saying kill the gays before they grow, but now the anti gay bill is some how dead, but the homophobic and uncivilized citizens still believe that jailing or killing gaymen is their birth rights, they use religious freedom to commit hate crimes against humanity, opening their theme songs as the most ridiculous country in Africa with the highest numbers of worship centers in the world. But time will tell and the western world will witness if African countries are really all that Godly or just uncivilized set of people with wicked mind set.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

YDA presents: extremely sexy

Body perfect, not really, but sexy as they may be, cute men, extremely sexy.