Sunday, 30 November 2014

squating , how to squat

hmmm, can I hear u say squating Can be a bit painful or painful mostly on the knees, putting pressure on ur knees can be painful, yeah, now let see the animation below, if u must squat, i advice u to squat lightly and slowly, relaxing ur legs in a squating position, then start squating, men and women can squat for a better physical out look. Note, u can squat with heavyweight or lightweight. so see the free hands squating below.

flat foot or?

running or jogging? how do u run or jog? take a look at the animation below, then in ur own word say something.

simply moves, this workout can be done at home and in the gym.

yes folks, take a look at the pictures below, it tells a thousand story. first let me explain what u see in the pictures, pics one and two, first, u must be ready to carry out this exercise now or later. now, picture one tells u to stand upright holding a pillow or exercise mat in ur hand, holding close to ur chest, crossing ur arms with shoulders straight, now, u are about to Bend ur knees as if u are in a motion of squading. are u ready? let's go to picture two. PICTURE TWO ............ Now, on that position move up and down bending ur knees on a squating position and movement, with ur hands holding the pillow or mat, u are almost there, now, squat up and down counting 1 to 20, and repeating 2 to 3times before leaving ur bedroom or gym. this exercise work both on lower and upper body. u can make this ur routine on daily basic.

swap for a better burn

happy Sunday folks, I just discovered that drinking mineral water, that is water that contains minerals which is straight from the tap or a clean well water from the borehole boost men's metabolism than purified water. but if I say swap for a better burn and metabolic, what would u say folks?