Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Flavour homo erotic images refuses to clair off the hook.

Flavour is one of Nigerian best known artist, when it comes to high life, a fine musician with controversial images, this musician had been label gay in every moment of his life. Flavour says, I love myself, and I workout a lot and going to the gym has become a part of me. I don't care what some people think of me, I love showing my body online and that makes me happy, so if they say am gay, then so be it.


No more news about the Nigerian music super star, an openly I wanna be gay but swim deep in the world of heterosexaulity, Wiz kid is a star and a kid next door, but when cought in a controversial statement on Twitter about his gayness and his homo thug images like mostly seen by few, it became questionable in most of his statements, like I fuck boys and I suck dicks who cares. just recently, Wiz Kid shocks his straights fans when he said I fuck boys who fuck girls , statements like that moves faster than stray bullet. but what make fans run after him is that, he chose to penetrate on both side of sexual manipulations, which means I am not gay, not all that straight but a free minded super star, a Nigerian citizen.

Nigerian Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi Slams GEJ for Calling IBB His Father  

Bisi Alimi who is an activist for gays and lesbians in Nigeria, went on to slam GEJ for calling IBB his father, see what he said below. o

Sunday, 28 December 2014

cash money rapper, young thug likely admits he's gay on twitter.

Young Thug has been plagued with gay rumours after he said in an interview that all he did when he was in prison was - "I didn’t do shit there but gamble, smoke and f**k.”. Then he shared a pic of himself and his record label boss, Birdman and referred to him as 'My Love'. Plus whenever he posts pics of his male friends, he referred to them as "bae', 'hubby', or 'lover'. A few days ago, the rapper responded to the gay/bisexual rumours, by admitting that he likes men but really isn't gay. does that work? He deleted the tweets but not before some folks grabbed it.

Friday, 26 December 2014

oops don't forget, I don't give a fuck.

if u a man that is trying to survive or is going to survive in 2015, u better not give a fuck, as much u believe in urself, never mind the street. but do things that will bring joy to u and to the person next to u, if u are gay or straight and people call u names take it as a compliment and pass ur way, never say a word, because u are the most intelligent guy come 2015. but remember if someone fight u, fight him back, but with caution because u are not as mad as that person..........#100.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

do u agree with the word below?

If u and ur best friend relationship isn't constantly mistaken for a homoerotic love affair are u really best friends? So many questions. so many fake friends out there, even they may be ur childhood friends.

happy holiday, be the man u want to be, no one can take that away from u.

happy holiday! no matter who u are, gay or straight, be who u want to be it's a free world, it comes to my knowledge that so many dudes out there still get confuse about their sexual orientation, they claims to be straight but they are gay, while others claim to be gay but they are completely straight. what a confuse world. the beautiful thing about men who feel good about their sexuality is that they live long, happy and free, such men are always successful in life. men active blog is wishing all those who are true to themselves the very best of life. and if it is against the law to be who u are in ur country, go under ground....hehehe!! so best wishes.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

fitness, the man in u, how fit are u?

u are the power and strength, and u are a man, a real man. but when the power of being a man is taken a way from u, then u become weak, useless and irresponsible, u can no longer make decisions, ur fitness level becomes questionable, the man in u and how fit are u, are the basic principles of knowing ur true stage of fitness. u may be strong in the outside because u look that way, but in side of u, u are a weak man without strength easily beaten, cheated and push to the world. u may not be so strong physically, but let ur thinking faculty become so strong, and ur brain be the most powerful weapons, with that u are a fit man and no one can take that away from u.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

body talk, is ur body worth #100 thousand? and within one week?

Hello folks, we all know how much men can spend trying to look their best, no matter how small the incomes may be. U've spent so much money going to the gym trying hard to look ur best, but how much is ur body worth? If u are not looking the way u wanted within few months of spending money going to they gym, then maybe u are not in the gym to get ur body build or reshape. One thing is that, going to the gym is not all about carring weight or to lose weight, but to keep fit too, on my next body talk I will bring out two great ways on how to get the worthy body within a month. So stay fit folks

Sunday, 30 November 2014

squating , how to squat

hmmm, can I hear u say squating Can be a bit painful or painful mostly on the knees, putting pressure on ur knees can be painful, yeah, now let see the animation below, if u must squat, i advice u to squat lightly and slowly, relaxing ur legs in a squating position, then start squating, men and women can squat for a better physical out look. Note, u can squat with heavyweight or lightweight. so see the free hands squating below.

flat foot or?

running or jogging? how do u run or jog? take a look at the animation below, then in ur own word say something.

simply moves, this workout can be done at home and in the gym.

yes folks, take a look at the pictures below, it tells a thousand story. first let me explain what u see in the pictures, pics one and two, first, u must be ready to carry out this exercise now or later. now, picture one tells u to stand upright holding a pillow or exercise mat in ur hand, holding close to ur chest, crossing ur arms with shoulders straight, now, u are about to Bend ur knees as if u are in a motion of squading. are u ready? let's go to picture two. PICTURE TWO ............ Now, on that position move up and down bending ur knees on a squating position and movement, with ur hands holding the pillow or mat, u are almost there, now, squat up and down counting 1 to 20, and repeating 2 to 3times before leaving ur bedroom or gym. this exercise work both on lower and upper body. u can make this ur routine on daily basic.

swap for a better burn

happy Sunday folks, I just discovered that drinking mineral water, that is water that contains minerals which is straight from the tap or a clean well water from the borehole boost men's metabolism than purified water. but if I say swap for a better burn and metabolic, what would u say folks?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

new ultimate speed, I share plan

Yo........yo!! men out there, still with the ultimate plan, youdude is moving on, yah got some plan for visitors with a vision, so I get lots of reloaded ideas, so guys hold on, youdude would start posting articles on a dairly or weekly basics, so dudes get clean up and I share plan.