Friday, 27 February 2015

saturday night fever.

I work, I eat then I sleep. what time is it? says the gay boy, just as I am trying to recall the last Saturday night fever , I dare not make an attempt to go out for just one Saturday night. I can still recalled what went wrong as I let myself to be ridicule by the power of self defeat for just one Saturday night.

Nigeria anti gay bill not working, as males sex workers move into action, while gay bars and night clubs operates behind the close doors.

Lagos the business and economic power city of Nigeria. a brave city of no return, a place where any thing do happen. homosexuality is label a crime in Nigeria, but the rate of under ground male prostitutes are getting out of hand. some where in Lagos mostly red lights club base areas. Lagos is known for one thing which is live ur life but don't get cought. men in Lagos are very careful when it comes to those who need their services. the power of secrecy in Nigeria's night clubs who offers gay services is getting stronger and gay mafias and gay lords are killing the anti gay bill of the present government slowly. gay play ground in Lagos is coming up openly. but gays themselves knows the danger they faces if they trade their lives openly.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

weekend blues, just one kiss.

kiss, kiss, kiss, gay boys are out to play. the moment we kiss we lost it somehow. it must have been a kiss but it all over now. west African gay dudes all they want is to have kisses within a minute the kissing game is all over, keeping a gay partner in Africa is like banking in a leaking financial house, but it seems to me not all Africans are kiss and tell, some times gay fools do fall in love.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

gay boys with the world most handsome faces.

cherish the gay boys with the world most handsome faces. beauty is the word gay, which is the colours of the rainbow

Sunday, 22 February 2015

gay boys and angels.

I slept in the mid of six stars, and to the one who sees throught the eyes of an angel men, and in the eyes of a boy, a place where gay boys and angels trade, and to the young boy who's eyes shine like a star in the garden of the moon light. Every gay boys looking for a home, a place where's no labels,judgement or hatred, a place where gay boys and angels trade.