Friday, 13 February 2015

between Dwight Howard NBA player and team mate.

NBA player Dwight Howard was caught on camera grabbing his team mate dick, but it just a friendly game two men can play, or is it any hidden gay agenda?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

boys who love boys then love girls, it got to be this way.

handsomeness is in the eyes of a boy who love boys then love girls. I set two candles sticks in the middle of my heart, a masculine mind, then I say to myself, whom do u love? and in the middle of the two candle sticks is John and Janet, two beautiful creatures, but deep down in my heart I knew where my mind goes, nothing but to my own sex which is John. the beautiful thing about Janet is that she is beautiful and kind, but my desire turn a blind eyes toward Janet, I love to love u Jane but I lie, just because I love a man of my own sex.

mid week blues, the manliness of today's gay dudes.

the body, the power of an irresistible black gay men.

president Jonathan rule out change to gay ban, confirm human right policy.

as Nigerians moving toward 2015 general election, president Jonathan of PDP youth leader sent a message to all the gay youths in Nigeria and all around the world, saying only some of the gay and lesbians youths will be valued in Nigeria if president Jonathan be re-elected.

Monday, 9 February 2015

when most of the gay youths in Nigeria claim to be straight, yet they can't hide the other side of their sexuality.

they are call home boys, Goodlooking, straight acting, but are they really straight? Nigeria is a country where homsexuality is a taboo, which base in their strong religious background, but for so many years Nigerian gay men continue to live a double life for fear of being identify as gays. according to a recent research carried out in 2014, Nigeria has the highest numbers of gay and lesbians in west Africa and they are all living unidentified lives.