Wednesday, 15 March 2017

YDA presents: mid week sexiness

The only thing that matters is a perfect weekend, and mid week is preparing u for a perfect weekend, and with the midweek sexiness, to feed ur eyes with great images

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nigerian Ebonylife television, had broken the status of homophobics and become the most viewing TV within the LGBT community

The following Nigerian digital television Ebonylife TV, on DSTV channel 165 probably the nicest and the most gay friendly television channel in Nigeria, highly recommend watching, specially ELNOW, which showcases the two young male presenters with a tagged version of mix sexuality, a masculine clean cut professionals, with a gay label, even though the presenters maybe straight within the context menu of viewership. Ebonylife television had became the most Lovable pay TV on DSTV channel 165 among the LGBT community in Nigeria, the concept of Ebonylife TV is based on tolerance with a non discrimination policies within the governing laws, ELNOW which aired on Ebonylife TV every morning within the breakfast timeline is known as a potential program for young cooperate gay men who loves high quality fashion, upon that, they were some rumors about the possibility of the two presenters being gay or bisexual, but above all, Ebonylife TV had show the professionals standard, setting a good. examples for good programming

Monday, 13 March 2017

Now the battle had just begun, the gay rights movement is taking Nigeria by storm

The mainstream media and the human rights organizations are teaming up with Charly boy, known as area father, a fighter for human rights, a Nigerian prince of both in music and in talk shows, but this particular Lion is known for his fight against injustice for the Nigerian people. Now Charles Oputa is taking the LGBT community with him, and with the growing numbers of homosexuals in the mainstream media, the battle had just begun and all the violations including gay rights violations and all forms of discrimination against gay and lesbians living in Nigeria, Charly boy is taking the forefront to the government, leading the fight against homophobics and anti gay campaigners, seeking for batter treatments for the Nigerian LGBT community.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

YDA presents: a perfect Sunday evening

Hello Africa and the world, happy Sunday, and with the lineup of sexy men of colours, to fit a perfect Sunday evening, have a great day folks